Rep Firms: The Importance of a Digital Presence

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We’re living in a digital age. Have a question? Need information? The first place we go is the Internet. Hence the importance of having a current, sound website. Aside from establishing digital presence, a website is often times a business’s best sales tool in terms of attracting new clients and establishing itself as a legitimate business. Websites serve more purpose than ever before, acting as a place for potential clients to find information and discover your brand. Websites incorporate tools for lead generation, marketing and even customer feedback.

So with the pertinence of having a both structurally sound and well designed website being self-evident, how does your digital presence hold up?

Most businesses, specifically independent rep firms, have websites. Unfortunately, just throwing up a website just isn’t enough. There are many factors that contribute to maximizing your digital presence and ensuring all tools available are being utilized.

Search engine optimization, from a business perspective, is critical. It determines how you appear on common search engines, or your overall web visibility based on certain search keywords. If your site has poor SEO, potential leads may never find you.

Mobile Responsiveness is more critical now than ever before. Ensuring your website functions correctly and is consistent on all devices is extremely important. For one, billions of people access the web from a smart phone. Two, Google has recently began indexing the mobile version of websites, meaning if your current site isn’t mobile friendly or you use two different versions, your search engine presence is likely to suffer and it is time for an upgrade.

Does your website truly act as a sales tool? It is important to understand how your website can be used to generate leads and generate new business. For example, if a potential client or principle fills out a contact form, where does it go? Is the information automatically uploaded to a CRM or database as a lead? Does this trigger a notification or a marketing drip process? The possibilities are endless when it comes to streamlining your lead generation processes by simply implementing a few tools within your website.

While these changes may not be at the top of your to-do list at the current moment, they soon will be. As the current generational shift continues and the digital age continues to expand, the importance of having a solid, current and comprehensive digital precense will continue to grow, regardless of business type or industry.

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