Repbox Case Study: Cinpak Inc.

The Company:

Cinpak Inc.: A leading non-food manufacturer rep firm located in Texas.

The Problem:

-Spent the entire month on commissions.
-Zero efficiency in reporting and analytics.
-Disorganized sales team.
-Tried multiple CRM “solutions” to no avail.

“We tried various CRMs before Repbox. We looked at all of the big names, from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics. Not only were these systems extremely expensive to implement and maintain, they also couldn’t meet every single one of the demands of our business. We even tried other systems designed for rep firms, yet none of them are as robust as Repbox. The mult-line rep model of sales is unique and none of the ‘out-of-the-box’ systems matched up.”

Tony L., President, Cinpak Inc.

The Solution:

Repbox Executive Plan: Over 4 years using Repbox to handle all of their business processes and completely customized for Cinpak.

The Outcome:

-Commissions and splits done on time, every time.
-Reporting and analytics done with a click of a button.
-Know where business stands at all times: Instant analysis of pipeline and sales forecast
-Organized and efficient sales team that now spends more time driving revenue and less time sorting notes and data entry.
-Increased revenue each year since implementing the system
-Increased time spent doing what they love: Over an hour per day for each team member.

“Using Repbox has completely transformed our business. Most managers think that CRMs are just a way to keep tabs on their sales team. That’s not the case with Repbox. It is an unbelievable sales-enablement tool that makes each member of our team better at what they do, from the sales staff to the administrators. Most importantly, Repbox saves us so much time throughout the week that would otherwise be spent on data entry or getting our commissions in order, that we now use to focus on driving sales and doing what we love.”

Tony L., President, Cinpak Inc.

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