Sick of Using Multiple Technologies to Run Your Business?

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Technology has shaped the way the modern business runs and operates. For the most part, these various softwares and sales tools have simplified the day to day operation and business processes. However, the proliferation of such entities has created an emerging problem within industries, one we at Repbox see quite often when onboarding new customers into our system.


The problem is simple; there are so many different options, designed to address specific problems, that many businesses have turned to relying upon multiple softwares to meet their business needs. It’s all too often we see Rep Firms using a CRM to manage Opportunities and Contacts, a Quoting tool to handle quotes or RFQ’s, and then accounting software to handle invoices, orders, and with any luck, commissions.


If all these softwares work in sync, then more power to you. Often times this means of operation only creates more work for all involved. All data is stored in multiple locations and the classic task of “import-export” becomes common place. Eventually, many businesses opt to find a solution that either can do it all or resort back to their old system of doing things, which eventually land them back at square one; searching for a sales tool that actually is able to meet all of their business needs.


Repbox was created to address these challenges by handling everything Rep Firms need to be successful and drive revenue. Repbox is not a CRM, but rather a sales-enablement tool, designed to assist sales teams, grow businesses, and make your life easier. Don’t buy it? Check out our features or let us show you here.

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