What is Repbox?

Not another CRM that "promises", but a Sales Platform that delivers

Straight to the point

Not everyone speaks tech, just as not everyone understands the pain points of manufacturers and manufacturers sales reps. Luckily, we understand both. Repbox, in layman's terms, is a comprehensive sales platform designed specifically for these industries, built from the ground up to cater and solve the most pressing industry pain points. Finally, all of your business data, emails, contacts, calendar, quotes, products, invoices, commissions and more are all located in a single space, synced with those of your choosing, boosting productivity and increasing your ability to grow sales and drive revenue. Repbox's friendly interface and robust capabilities allow its users to pull and organize data, run a report, and obtain real-time analytics, all with the press of a button. Repbox's mobile app allows all users to operate as if they were in the office, from anywhere in the world. Each Repbox can be customized for individual team members, furthering the user-friendly experience and allowing your company to scale with Repbox and avoid having to attempt to fit your existing mode of operation into an "out of the box" system. Our contract-free approach, coupled with our Customer Success Team, ensures each user is set-up for success and a lasting relationship is built and fostered over time creating partners; not prisoners.

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We Grow, You Benefit

Our purpose is to make you better at what you do. We separate ourselves from the so called "industry standards" by scaling with our clients. This is why we continue to add new features, release new updates, and brainstorm new products. Repbox was built for our clients; Repbox grows and gets better because of suggestions and requests made by current users. Repbox is in a class of its own, differentiated not only by our product, but by our values, our team and our clients.

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