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All the Features You Want

Repbox CRM is an all in one Sales Platform custom tailored to manage all of your important data. Repbox's industry specific design and functionality make it everything you need to stay organized and increase productivity.

Leads and Opportunities

Track and nurture your leads through their life cycle. When the time comes, you can seamlessly convert a lead to an opportunity or account-type without losing, or having to re-enter, any related data.

Sales and Commissions

Track your potential and new sales opportunities and commissions for your entire company. Organize and filter by Rep, Region, Account and more. Import spreadsheets or PDF documents, and improve productivity with various sales and commission tools.

Limitless Record-Types

Manage Contacts, Vendors, Quotes, RFQ's, Documents, Emails, Products, Calendar Events and more. Everything you need is there when you need it.

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Reporting & Analytics

Repbox has powerful reporting tools and advanced analytics. Set up recurring-automated reports sent straight to your inbox and make Repbox work...even when you're not. Customize your own personal dashboard with the metrics you rely on most.

Repbox Dashboard

Vendor Activity Reporting

Repbox keeps your vendors satisfied with automated activity reports. Keep track of pending, sold or unattainable quotes, activity inside the company, and requests to let them know what you're working on in real time.

Commission and Sales

Generate reports and reconcile commissions with vendors. Quickly compare figures over any time period and receive real-time analysis.

Advanced & Automated

Save time by automating your reporting process and have recurring reports sent to you or others. View reports directly in Repbox, export to your computer, or email in excel or PDF formats.

Everything You Need in One Place

Repbox is an all-in-one sales and CRM platform. Say goodbye to updating multiple databases and say hello to Repbox.


Create user roles and permissions to filter views and access to only the information each user needs.

Unlimited Storage

Yes. We said it. Unlimited storage for all of your most important documents and files. No limits; No restrictions.


See what your whole team is up to from calendar events to lead conversion and sales. Work as a team; grow as a business.


Connect Office 365, Outlook, Gmail, QuickBooks and more. Ask our customer care about specific integrations for you.

Stay in Sync

Connect your calendar and email directly with Repbox. Send and attach documents right from the system and link events to important contacts.

More Time = More Sales

You drive revenue with sales, not data entry. Make Repbox work for you while you focus on what's most important.

"Repbox Sales Platform saves us 2-5 hours every week per employee, allowing us to spend that time on what's really important: Selling and Driving Revenue!"
Tony L.
President | Cinpak
“ When I first was hired at Bull’sEye they told me I would have to use a CRM and I was dreading it but Repbox has made it easy to enter and keep track of my opportunities saving me time and allowing me to focus on selling”
Bull'sEye Inc.
Lisa H.
Field Sales Rep | Bull'sEye Inc.
"All my quotes are in one place, it saves me time, and simplifies the task of customer data entry. It makes it easy to get all my information in one place without multiple steps."
RepWorx Logo
Emily M.
Sales Rep | Repworx

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