Repbox Features

Powerful, robust, simple. Repbox CRM for Manufacturer Sales Reps, Manufacturers and Distributors gives you every tool you need.

Everything in one place

RepBox Reports

Personal Views

Each user can customize their dashboard to see specific analytics, notes, and calendar events of their choosing.


All you need is an internet connection and a device. Login at your company specific URL. Use our mobile app on the go.

Data Ownership

With Repbox, your data is yours, and only yours. Securely stored in your own personal database, all of your information belongs to you.

Customized for You

All of our clients are different and we respect that. Our development team provides customization tailored to fit your specific needs.

Calendar & Email Sync

Your emails and calendars are synced to Repbox. Update an event in Repbox, and it appears on your phone, desktop or tablet.

Unlimited Storage

Store unlimited documents in your Repbox. You can upload straight to an account or opportunity so you never lose track or run out of space.

Turn Data into Analytics

Repbox allows you to take all data in your system and run reports and analytics based off whatever conditions you like. Repbox is limitless. If by chance you find something Repbox can't do, we'll develop it for you.

Reports: Simple to Advanced

Our reporting system allows you to generate reports from the most simple relationships to the most complex. Create a report once and it will update as your data changes.

Sales Tracking and Forecasting

Generate reports based on your sales over various ranges in time, reps, regions and more. Create comparisons over time periods so you can properly project for the future.

Commission Reconciliation

Organize commissions and reconcile payments. Our platform ensures accurate payment reporting for individual reps and entire organizations. Import your commission statements directly into Repbox with ease.

Repbox Automation

With Repbox, you can automate the delivery of reports to any inbox or download them to your device. You, and your accounts, can always stay up-to-date without even having to login to the system.

The perfect tool to lead your team

As an admin, managers can manage their team and lines by tracking rep or team activity. Run reports based on your whole teams activity to segment and compile overall performance. Solve your pain points with Repbox and increase sales conversions.

User Permissions

Create custom roles for users and allow access to only the pertinent data they need. Keep your information clean and reduce clutter by filtering your information.

Tag Alerts & Notifications

Need to notify another team member of your team? Simply Tag their user in any comment and watch as your comment is delivered to their inbox.

And much more...

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