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At Repbox, we strive to continually push the latest products and updates to make our Repbox clients even better. See what's in store for the future.

Repbox 2.0 | A Whole New Look

Repbox has been going through a makeover for quite some time now. Our new design will adhere to more modern design philosophies, such as increased mobile responsiveness. The layout, colors, dashboards, and functionality have been 'beautified' and will increase simplicity while navigating.

Repbox RepTalk

RepTalk | Call in an Opp

Our customers are often talking about how great it would be if there was a service they could call and have data created from a simple phone conversation. With RepTalk, our aim is just that. Using the same technology as Amazon's Alexa, RepTalk will be an automated service to call in, give credentials and information, then have your records created instantly.

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Android Mobile App

In 2018 we released our first version of the mobile app for Apple IOS. We are constantly working to improve upon our initial design and functionality. As we continue to optimize our mobile app, we will be developing and finalizing the Android version for non-iPhone and will release it sometime in the near future. For mobile feature requests or any bugs, please visit our forum HERE.

Repbox for Android
Repbox Voice-to-Text

Voice to Text | New Records with Speech

We've already mentioned RepTalk. With voice to text, a user will be able to use their voice on the mobile app to tell Repbox directly what to do. Just think - "Create new contact named John Doe, phone number ###-###-####, email john@website.com, with company Acme." Repbox will take it from there.

Constant Updates

We are always looking for new ways to simplify the daily demands of current and future Repbox clients. The Repbox staff plays only a small part in the process. Our customers have played a major role in the development of Repbox. You ask, we'll listen. If you have suggestions on improvements or feature requests, we are always ready to accept them.

Repbox Updates
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