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Follow this short tour to see some of the features and highlights offered by Repbox. Schedule a free demo with us to see Repbox in action and discover why Repbox is the ultimate toolbox for sales.


We import all of your existing data for you. You start by setting up all of your own personal and company settings, roles, and user management. Once you begin creating records, Repbox begins to come alive.

Learn the Ropes

Once your data is in and you have Repbox just the way you like, let us help you unleash the power of Repbox. We'll show you the basics, and teach you the most important functions, including automations and workflows to get you started off on the right foot.

Company and User Settings

From the start, set up your user settings and profile. Sync your email and calendar so Repbox stays in tune. Your company settings will be saved globally and will be consistent across Quotes, RFQ's, Invoices and all related documents. Implement personal filters in your list views to easily organize your data.

Repbox Quotes

Create and Update Records

Start creating records such as contacts, leads, opportunities, vendors and so on. Repbox is smart. Kiss data entry goodbye and let Repbox store and auto-populate all pertinent information. Migrating from an existing system? Use our import tool to easily transfer data into Repbox. Our fields mapping tool will help ensure everything makes it to the right place.

See Repbox in Action

Relate Information

Whether creating a new record, or relating data to existing ones, you can relay, connect and link key information across all record types, whether it be a contact, opportunity or end user.

Generate Reports

Generate reports from a single location without having to pull information from various places. Create custom dashboards to display real-time analytics.

Automate Everything

Time is money. Let Repbox auto-generate and deliver reports, quotes, and invoices on your time. Need help? Contact our Customer Success team and we'll ensure your system is performing exactly the way you want it.

Download the Mobile App

Download the mobile app and have instant access to your records at your fingertips. Our mobile app allows you to work from anywhere. Your entire team will love it, not just your Outside Sales Reps. Bring the power of Repbox on the road with you...wherever, whenever.

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